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W3.4 – Cardiovascular

Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Syndrome and Sleepiness in Truck Drivers

Particularly for long-haul truck drivers, changes in work organization have led to disproportionately poor physiological, psychological, and sleep health outcomes. The truck driver sample was less physically active and had lower HDL cholesterol along with greater levels of smoking, BMI, and metabolic syndrome diagnosis. More years of driving experience and poor sleep quality were statistically significant predictors for both cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk.”

“The prevalence of physical inactivity was 72.8%; consumption of alcoholic beverages, 66.8%; routine use of some type of stimulant during work activities, 19.2%; and smoking, 29%. Only 20.8% had a healthy weight, and 58.2% had an abdominal circumference greater than 102 cm. A diagnosis of arterial hypertension was confirmed in 45.2%, and abnormal glucose levels were detected in 16.4%. Although some of the truck drivers were aware of these conditions, most were not taking specific medications.”=

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