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Online Safety Sensitive Employee Training 

Training course developed by Substance Abuse Professionals. The information covered was derived directly from Department of Transportation (DOT) rule 49 CFR Part 40 and the DOT publication “What Every Safety Sensitive employee needs to know plus workplace wellness tips. All courses use easy language. This course meets the DOT-mandated training requirements for employees that perform safety-sensitive duties.  

Our classes provide an affordable way for employers to satisfy DOT requirements while allowing management to focus on the day to day. Employees enjoy the flexibility of 24 hour access so scheduling class time is a breeze. Training can be done from almost any computer device with an internet connection including smartphones. Downloadable Completion Certificate.

Nothing in this course is intended to supplement, alter or serve as an official interpretation of 49 CFR Part 40 or DOT agency regulations. This course is for educational purposes only.

Limited time offer – Free Safety Sensitive Employee training 

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