InstructorCandice Fort
TypeOnline Course
Certificate100% of quiz marks
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Welcome to Substance Abuse Employee Training. In this course we will explore the impact of substance abuse disorders on the individual, family, workplace and community.

We will cover:

  • DOT regulations
  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • and more

We will also arm you with practical information to help you navigate everyday situations that may put you at risk. This course is approximately 30 minutes long.

Section 1What every employee needs to know
Lecture 1What is Substance Abuse
Lecture 2Safety Sensitive Employees & DOT
Lecture 3What is Part 40
Lecture 4Prohibited Conduct
Section Quiz
Section 2Testing
Lecture 5Common Drug Panel Test
Lecture 6When will you get tested
Lecture 7Drug Testing
Lecture 8Alcohol Testing
Lecture 9Refusal to Test
Section Quiz
Section 3Removal and Return to Work
Lecture 10Removal from DOT sensitive duties
Lecture 11DOT Return to Work
Section Quiz
Section 4Treatment, Prevention and Confidentiality
Lecture 12Treatment, Intervention & Prevention
Lecture 13Reduce your risk
Lecture 14Confidentiality
Final Quiz